Intergal-Bud - "Leader in scale of construction"

  • 02/12/2019

Last week, Intergal-Bud was a product of recognition. The company received the title of "Developer of the Year" according to the EE Real Estate Project Awards, was nominated for international awards and conducted constructive negotiations with foreign partners. These events were widely publicized in the media. Obviously, our success is unsettling the competition - there is currently a dirty PR campaign against Intergal-Bud on the Internet. Information drives are unverified and unproven facts, and tools are drain sites, which, unfortunately, are plentiful.
The company Intergal-Bud prefers market methods of competition. And, importantly, we are supported by reputable publications. Today is another recognition. This time from the web site of MINFIN, which won the company Intergal-Bud in the nomination "Leader in scale of construction"!
We promise that we will continue to work for the benefit of our customers!