Fashionable landing in "Ozerny Gai Gatne" LCD

  • 08/07/2019

On July 7, the residential complex "Ozerny Gai Gatne" turned into a place for filming for well-known models and designers in Europe.

Bright, extravagant costumes, charming models, stylists, professional photographers worked almost all daylight hours to create unique images.

The location for filming was chosen long and meticulously, because a location was needed in which the rhythms of the modern city and the original models of young designers could be combined with nature and comfort. Residential complex "Ozernyi Gay Gatne" of the developer "Intergal-Bud" came up perfectly.

The finalists of the Second International Designers' Contest-2019 took part in the shooting:
• Teresa Rosalie Kladosova, winner of Sci-Fi Safari-2018 - Czech Republic.
• Karl-Christoph Rebane, winner of the Estonian Fashion Festival-2019; Katrin Aasmaa, winner of ERKI Fashion Show-2019. - Estonia
• Levan Shvelidze, winner of the BeNext Contest-2018. - Georgia
• Borbála Ferencz, Choice of Hungary Fashion & Design Agency-2019; Borbála Györök, Hungary Fashion & Design Agency-2019. - Hungary
• Laima Jurča, Meringue Fashion Show-2018; Milan Semenova (Milana Semjonova), the choice of Meringue Fashion Show-2019. - Latvia
• Dumitrita Chitanu, a comedian Z Generation Young Designers Contest-2019; Darya Golneva, winner of the Z Generation Young Designers Contest-2019. - Moldova
• Adrian Michal Krupa, winner of the XX edition of the Fashion Designer Awards. - Poland
• Alexandra-Iuliana Iancu, winner of the Romanian Fashion Design Talent Competition-2019; Ionuţ-Florentin Piscureanu, a friend of the Romanian Fashion Design Talent Competition-2019. - Romania
• Anastasia Padalka, winner of the national contest of young fashion designers "Look into the Future" -2019; Solomiya Butkovskaya, owner of the second official award of the national contest of young fashion designers "Look into the Future" -2019. - Ukraine.

Recall that the show of finalists International Young Designers Contest with the support of BK "Intergal-Bud" will be July 8, 2019 in Mystetskyi Arsenal.