What do developers expect from new chief architect?

  • 19/09/2016

September 9, nearly a year after Kyiv was left without its chief architect the competition commission has finally decided on the candidate for this position. Following the signing of appropriate assignment by Vutaliy Klichko Aleksandr Svistunov will face great challenges.

Everyone knows under what level of scrutiny from the part of public, developers and government authorities under he would have to work. Today the Chief Architect faces the large-scale task, namely to make the city to become convenient for its residents and attractive for tourists, while remaining an authenticable one. Unfortunately, many low quality objects have appeared in the city within last years, which have changed the face of the city forever.

Kiev needs to be developed, and one should make it fast in order to make up leeway and correct the mistakes made by the predecessors. SAFs, scandalous sites, dilapidated buildings, unregulated development; these are what the newly assigned Chief Architect has to work with.

Capital city is in desperate need of an early adoption of the City General Plan, zoning and development of DPAT (detailed plan of adjoining territories). It is essential to audit all unfinished objects of the capital city, arrange transparent auctions for leasing the land plots and commercial premises and, what is important, to eradicate corruption.

Chief Architect should keep in mind that he bears tremendous responsibility for the future of the main city of the State; hence, all his decisions have to be made in accordance with his firm position rather than in favor of somebody’s personal interests. 


Anna Rybchuk, Chief Architect of "Intergal-Bud"