What to look for when choosing an apartment

  • 04/06/2019

When choosing apartments, purchases are increasingly paying attention to the reliability of the developer, the convenience of the infrastructure along with the LCD and the transport solution ", - said Anna Layevska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud Corp., in a commentary to the" Focus "publication. In the last three to five years, buyers have become much more discerning, as the "primary" market offers more than demand and a "ball" on the buyer's side.

New buildings are initially more energy efficient than old buildings due to more modern technologies, construction materials and insulation of the facade, lower losses in the heating networks. But lately this is not enough. The growth of tariffs has turned utility bills into one of the main items of expenses of Ukrainian families. Therefore, the energy efficiency of new homes has become one of the most common issues for developers. Potential buyers are well versed in the difference between gasblocks and bricks, foam polystyrene and mineral wool, a house boiler house and an individual boiler. Developers argue: the significance of such nuances was previously small. But now better energy efficiency indicators can become crucial when choosing between a complex of one price category.

There are seven categories of energy efficiency: from A to G. The lowest level of energy consumption is class A. In classes D, E, F and G consumes more power normative and increases with increasing. The developers are striving to build class A buildings. "Most developers have long been using energy-efficient technologies when designing and building new homes, so the energy efficiency class of a new home corresponds to classes B and A. And this is a very good result," says Layevskaya. For example, on the roofs of the LCD "Otradny" and "Teremky", which is being built by the company Intergal-Bud, there are gas boilers, which allows to reduce the heating bills by 30% compared with the services of the communal Teplocomunenergo. And in the apartments of LCD "Ozerny Gai Gatne" install individual boilers, which allows residents to independently regulate the temperature in the apartment.

Another trend in recent years - apartments with ready-made repairs. For example, at the moment in the portfolio "Intergal-Buda" - more than 50% of apartments with turnkey repairs. According to market analysts, this option is most demanded in the segment of housing classes comfort and comfort +. The main buyers of such apartments - people who buy housing for the subsequent lease. A turnkey apartment will cost 20-25% more expensive housing with "bare walls." Self-commissioning of decorating works will be more expensive. Developers save on the scale.

Anna Layevskaya notes the growth in demand for apartments with complete processing and from buyers who choose housing for themselves. "It's convenient: clean porches, no repair noise," she says.