The main trend of the primary real estate market is the creation of residential complexes based on the principle of "city in the city"

  • 07/07/2017

This was told by the Commercial Director of the "Intergal-Bud" company Anna Laevskaya during a press tour on the construction sites of the company. According to her, the cost of creating infrastructure facilities (separate buildings) costs the developer 10-15 thousand UAH / sq. m without taking into account alternative costs, such as the loss of the potential area of ​​apartments due to the transfer of land for the construction of such objects.

“For example, to create a kindergarten, a plot of 0.5 hectares is needed, which is equivalent to 13 thousand square meters. m of living space, and the construction of the school requires at least 1 hectare, which corresponds to the area of ​​a 25-storey building with 350-400 apartments, ”she said.

The expert also noted that the cost of creating infrastructure and landscaping falls on the developer’s shoulders, but at the same time, he cannot significantly increase the sale price. At the same time, the availability of infrastructure makes the object more attractive to buyers and ensures a consistently high demand.

Anna Laevskaya focused on the fact that the area under infrastructure should be about 20-30% of the total land area.

“For example, in the "Intergal-Buda" project that is the "Park Lakes" RC, which is located on a territory of 10 hectares, infrastructure facilities occupy about 20% of the built-up area. These are kindergarten, sports ground, mini-field for football, rollerdrome, decorative pond, several squares, parking, shopping center, walking area, including children's playgrounds, and so on. And in the residential complex “Ozerny gay Gatnoye”, located on the territory of 48 hectares, the created infrastructure facilities will make up to 30% of the territory of the complex. These are two kindergartens, a school with a stadium, a sports complex with a pool, a medical facility (polyclinic), a shopping center (hypermarket), a recreational zone (two lakes, a park, a park and a walking zone), a parking lot and a promenade with shops, cafes and services, ”said Laevskaya.

The representative of "Intergal-Bud" also noted that the creation of infrastructure as part of the residential complex is a mandatory requirement of the market.

“For a potential buyer, a developed RC infrastructure is the main competitive advantage when choosing an object,” said Laevskaya. According to her, the optimal infrastructure of the residential complex should include a kindergarten, a medical facility, a sports center (athletic fields), a parking lot, a park and a walking area.