New road will be built at Teremky

  • 31/08/2018

For the purpose of transportation links with RC Teremky the new inter-quarter road will be built in Kyiv.

The road will be routed nearby the residential complex, along the Institute of Beekeeping named after P.I.Prokopovych and VDNG Park, thus uniting Academic Zabolotnyi and Sirka streets, where an entrance to the territory of RC Teremky will be located.

Contracting authority for design and construction works for the road is Intergal-Bud Construction Company. Today, the road design is in the process of receiving all approvals and permits. Construction works are planned to be commenced in September 2018. Before the end of 2018 the first stage of the road has to be completed within the terms of І-ІІІ stages of construction of RC Teremky.