The construction of a school has started on the territory of the «Ozerny Gai Hatne» residential complex

  • 30/11/2020

We are pleased to announce the start of construction of the school on the territory of the residential complex «Ozerny Gai Hatne». For more than four months, a team of professionals from the construction company «Intergal-Bud» and the private school Astor School worked on improving the design of the school building, designed the comfortable placement of classrooms and ancillary facilities. And the other day construction work began, which is planned to be completed in 9 months.

On September 1, 2021, the new Astor School will open its doors to the young residents of the complex. It will be a modern 2-storey building that will meet all the requirements for educational institutions. 400 students will study here. The school has classrooms, classrooms for individual lessons, a gym, a library, a computer class, a medical center, a dining room, a private kitchen.

For more information about Astor School, its benefits and learning conditions, see the school's website. By the way, at the start of sales there are promotional prices.