“Our architects are don`t weaken to foreign ones” - “Intergal-Bud” for Pragmatika Media

  • 06/03/2019

The platform about architecture, design and urbanism Pragmatika Media leads the project, which includes communication with representatives of leading Ukrainian developers and collection of real estate market forecasts in 2019. Pragmatika Media has spoken with the commercial director of “Intergal-Bud” Anna Laevska and has published an interview about the relevance of architecture in residential complexes, the needs of modern customers and changes in the consciousness of developers.

We publish the most vivid quotes from the interview:


- Reliable reputation of the company, exclusive option "full repair", high rates of construction, advantageous locations of objects are the foundation of the success of our company.

- We build modern complexes according to the principles of energy efficiency and organic coexistence with neighboring buildings, local infrastructure and landscape.

- We are not lagging behind technological innovations. In some sales departments, we plan to equip virtual reality glasses so that a potential buyer can see what his property might look like in details.


- Our architects in quality facade solutions are already don`t weaken to foreign ones.

- Cooperation with foreign architects has its own nuances. To adapt such project for Ukrainian realities, we need a local Ukrainian specialist.

- Now plots in the center or near the center for commercial premises are being actively built up. Office skyscrapers are no longer in demand, and are valued comfortable business parks with a developed infrastructure, convenient traffic .


- There are a number of prerequisites for the growth of real estate prices: the expansion of the circle of buyers due to favorable terms of installment from the developer; increasing the cost of construction due to the introduction of new state building codes; currency stabilization, high return on investment.

- The volume of supply is growing faster than the volume of effective demand.

- The last three years, the most promising market segment is comfort class real estate, and it occupies about 75% of sales in the market. Such new buildings are optimal in terms of price and quality.

Full material can be read by the link: https://issuu.com/pragmatika.media/docs/pragmatika-09/218“

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