Best Real Estate Manager works at Intergal-Bud

  • 03/06/2019

According to the research results of sales systems among 100 residential complexes in Kiev and Kyiv region in 2019, Svetlana Vilinets, Head of sales departments of LCD «Tradition» and LCD «Pitch 8» of Intergal-Bud company, is recognized as the best expert!

Independent audit of sales departments of developers was conducted by Audit of Sales. This is the fourth expert study, during which a set of indicators was taken into consideration. In particular, a covert buyer, an object display, a "client path", "sales tools," etc. When evaluating, they paid attention to the working clothes of the manager, work with objections and for the purpose of purchase.

Congratulations to Svetlana Volitsets with a high reward and proud of our team!