Official position of "Intergal-Bud" regarding the construction of a new residential complex in 37, Vasylkivska Street

  • 29/10/2018

For over 15 years, Intergal-Bud company has proven itself as a reliable and socially responsible company. During the years of its existence more than 70 residential buildings were built, all of which fully completely comply with construction norms, with the building and project documentation approved by the city authorities, and with current legislation of Ukraine. The company is a fair taxpayer and stable employer for thousands of Ukrainian construction workers. In addition, as a socially responsible developer, Intergal-Bud is obliged to pay all share contributions to the municipal budget intended for the development of social and engineering infrastructure (new networks of water supply, sewage and cable lines).
In 2016, the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine made selection in favor of construction company "Intergal-Bud" for several new development projects - construction of the residential complex with built-in non-residential premises and parking area on the land plot of the Institute in 37, Vasylkivska, 37. As it is required by the procedure, the project was approved by the Presidium of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

After that, an investment agreement was concluded with "Intergal-Bud", according to which the part of apartments at the new residential complex will be passed to the Institute. 

In order to be sure that the territory of the land plot, scheduled for the construction of the residential complex is safe for people's life and health, Intergal-Bud company applied to the "Institute of Public Health" named after O.M. Marseyev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine with an official request for sanitary and epidemiological assessment of the land and territory. In the course of the assessment of possible risks to life, the conclusion has been received that the land plot meets the requirements of sanitary, urban-planning legislation, sanitary norms and does not pose any danger to future residents.

Regarding the proximity of the new residential complex with a tuberculosis dispensary (official naming - TMO "Phthisiatrics"), which provides medical services of consultative-diagnostic nature to the patients being on an outpatient-controlled treatment, we inform that there are no any in-patient facilities in the structure of TMO "Phthisiology". Actually, the above medical institution performs its functions of polyclinic facility, not a hospital. A natural barrier - a green zone that surrounds the whole territory of the medical institution, separates the territory between the new residential complex and that of TMO «Phthisiology». In addition, the dispensary is located in a part of a city with a densely populated residential are and at a distance of 30 meters from the subway station, but as it was indicated in the sanitary and epidemiological assessment report, despite this fact, for all the years of its existence there has been no single case of infection.

According to DBN, B.2.2-10-2001, sub-paragraph A, clause 12.12, the distance between a health care facility with chamber departments (in patient) and residential or public buildings shall be at least 30 m. According to the project documentation, the security zone from the residential building to the buildings of the TM "Phthisiology" will be 52 (!) meters. In addition, the project stipulates that entry to and exit from the territory of the residential complex and entrance groups to the apartments will be removed as far as possible from the dispensary, which nullifies the possibility of crossing the trajectories of traffic with the visitors of the TMO "Phthisiology". 

The Kyiv City Rada approved a detailed plan of the territory along with the main technical and economic indicators within Vasylkivska Street, 40th anniversary of October Avenue, in compliance with the mandatory procedure for conducting public hearings. In accordance with the adopted DPT, the functional purpose of the land plot has been changed to residential development.

Currently, no construction or preparatory works are carried out on this site. The design project itself of the residential complex is under development and design.