Intergal-Bud's official position on the actions of pseudo-activists

  • 05/06/2020

Dear Community Members,

Today, professional blackmailers, known to all the construction market players, came to one of the offices of Intergal-Bud. They have already visited construction and administration offices of many other developers. They are several public organizations - "Stop Svavillya" and "Tevrdy`nya" led by Serhii Melnychenko and Yurii Fedorenko. But we do know who exactly is standing by these people.

The company's executives have been contacted several times by certain individuals who call themselves representatives of activists with a frank and impudent proposal to "resolve the issue" in exchange for a significant payment (about hundreds of thousands of dollars for each complex).

All these facts have been documented, and relevant legal statements are currently being prepared with a help of state authorities.

Do not intimidate us with blackmail and manipulation! We do not cooperate with pseudo-activists and criminal authorities.

In difficult times of crisis, quarantine, when it is especially important for construction companies to fulfill their obligations on time, these "loafers" are terrorizing responsible developers, guided by their mercantile interests. They are openly asking for a bribe to earn money for the future elections.

Scammers realize that Intergal-Bud, being the largest developer in Ukraine, takes care about its values and ​​reputation gained over 17 years of impeccable work on the construction market. Taking into account corporate responsibility blackmailers hope for the success of their affair.

Right now, when the market is stressed by Voitsekhovskyi's scams, scandals with Ukrbud and Arkada Bank, it is extremely important to protect and support responsible companies which meet their obligations and deadlines.

We are convinced that the construction industry is one of the key drivers of economic development and upcoming recovery. Therefore, we appeal to state authorities and the Kyiv City Administration to respond to the problem of blackmail of business by pseudo-activists. This is a systemic phenomenon that undermines the work of the entire construction industry.

Built the future today,

Sincerely yours, Intergal-Bud