Intergal-Bud official announcement

  • 11/12/2019

In the face of much-publicized information on completion of Ukrbud objects construction and appeals of concerned buyers, we`d like to inform:

Intergal-Bud Company officially declares that it is in the process of negotiations on access to Ukrbud construction sites, but the final decision has not been made so far.

We still expect a number of issues to be resolved by Ukrbud shareholders:

1) Receiving an official document from the state structures, which will confirm assistance to the new investor and guarantee uninterrupted work on completion of Ukrbud objects.

2) Obtaining support from Kyiv City State Administration regarding issue of missing permit documentation and obtaining technical specifications for Ukrbud objects connection to the engineering networks.

3) Subject to fulfillment of the above item 1 and item 2 - provision of reports and data for audit, which should confirm previously provided information on technical and financial condition of Ukrbud objects, as well as legal status of the objects ownership (to confirm the possibility of their transfer to a new investor).


We reaffirm our commitment in this matter, but taking this risk and responsibility, we want to make sure that Ukrbud shareholders have made every effort to obtain state support to solve this problem.