Key points from the conference “Ergonomics of the bedroom”

  • 26/05/2020

1. The width of the passages in the room should be at least 70 cm. The distance from the outer wall with windows to the bed should be at least 50 cm.

2. In the bedroom you should rest, enjoy sleep and regain your strength. That is why you should not use light-reflecting surfaces.

3. Do not clutter the bedroom with unnecessary furniture and decor. Always look at the size of your room before planning a design and arranging things.

4. The place of the dressing table should be near the window. Do not forget about a comfortable height for your height.

5. You should think about your comfort and provide heating of the floor - the so-called path to the bathroom. Floor heating can be installed not only under the tiles, but also under the laminate.

6. In the children's bedroom should consider the option of finishing materials that turn the wall into a real magnetic board. On it it is possible to draw and by means of magnets to cling pictures, letters of the alphabet, applications, etc.

7. When designing a bedroom, you can save on the design of the ceiling and walls, without buying expensive materials. But do not skimp on the bed, mattress, lighting, other furniture - this is what is responsible for your comfort.