The start of sales in the house number 2 of the "Teremki" RC

  • 08/09/2017

The “Intergal-Bud” company informs that from September 9, sales of apartments will start in the house number 2 of the "Teremki" residential complex at Zabolotnogo Street, 15.

For the first buyers, the developer provides discounts of up to 5% of the base price of apartments (subject to 100% payment).

The 25-stores building number 2 is designed for 216 apartments. The house is planned to build 72 one-room apartments (meters: from 47 m2 to 49 m2), 72 two-room apartments (meters: from 63 m2 to 74 m2) and 72 three-room apartments (meters: from 85 m2 to 95 m2). To save time and money for tenants, 40% of apartments will be sold with turnkey repairs already prepared.

In addition to apartments, buyers will be offered commercial premises and storerooms for storing seasonal items. Also in the house is planned the construction of underground parking.

The residential complex "Teremki" is surrounded by forests and parks - in the immediate vicinity of the Goloseevsky forest, the Feofaniya park  and the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogov" - and is already waiting for its new residents.