Intergal-Bud invests in the development of Kiev infrastructure

  • 21/11/2019

The company Intergal-Bud invests in the development of the infrastructure of the city of Kiev, not only constructing comfortable residential complexes, modern children's educational institutions, public spaces and commercial real estate. We are aware of the responsibility not only for the well-being of the residents of the residential complexes being built by the company, but also for the development of the districts.

This time, Intergal-Bud will light a street in Podilskyi district. This so-called fire marshal of Marshall Grechko Street. In particular, the company will run the cable and provide connection to the lighting pillars, which for several years due to lack of funds in the local budget are not connected.

The appearance of such lighting is important not only for investors of the Syretski Sady complex, which is being built nearby, but also for all residents of the area. After all, there are many houses, playgrounds and kindergartens. Lighting is important, first and foremost, for the safety of people who already live in the area. Now it is much more comfortable to drive on the road and walk the surrounding streets.

Further company plans complete reconstruction of Tiraspolskaya Street.