“Once in the sales department, our customer must feel chosen”

  • 27/05/2020

Music - this is a special atmosphere and emotional associations - are confident in Intergal-Bud. That is why, at the end of May, the Intergal-Bud Radio corporate radio station was launched in all sales departments of the company so that the time spent on the consultation would become not only constructive, but also as pleasant as possible.

Irina Mikhaleva, marketing director of Intergal-Bud:

“Once in the sales department, our client should feel chosen. Everything should be perfect for him - the atmosphere, the chair on which he sits, the aroma that he inhales and, of course, the music that he hears. That is why, after the introduction of aroma marketing, we launched a corporate radio station. Our partner in this project was FireBrands. Still “ashore” we were convinced that they respect copyright. Only after agreeing on this issue, they shook hands. There are already good first reviews now. ”

Andrey Shabanov, owner of FireBrands, TV presenter, showman, general producer of the radio station “Prosto Radi.О":

“Our team has been creating corporate radio stations for various networks, catering establishments, beauty salons and shopping centers for about 6 years. But every new customer is a new challenge. For the first time, a construction company has appeared in our portfolio, and not just a company, but one of the market leaders. “Intergal-Bud” immediately bribed with their brief - everything should be ideal. We at FireBrands love this approach because we are perfectionists. From this moment it became clear that we will get along. Now, disappearing into any Intergal-Bud office while waiting or communicating, you will be accompanied by an unobtrusive lounge on the air of Intergal-Bud Radio

We invite you to test the services of Intergal-Bud right now! Moreover, anti-crisis prices are still in force until the end of the week, which Intergal-Bud has been quarantining since June 1.