Finish repair at prime cost is real!

  • 29/09/2016

Only until the end of the year, the cost of finishing work in all residential complexes of "Intergal-Bud" company has been reduced by 50%!

In the apartments of residential complexes "Park Lakes", "Yaskravy", "Nyvki-Park", "Ozerny Hai Gatne", "Vіdradny", "Traditsia" the cost of such works is only $70 per sq.m!*

Do not waste your time and nerves on long-term repairs in the apartment! Take advantage of the unique offer on the Ukrainian market from the company "Intergal-Bud" - and you will appreciate the quality and reliability of finishing works offered by the developer.

In addition, you can be sure: your neighbors also call enter the apartments with the finish repair, which means that the walls in the house will not shake from the repair work. Check in the apartment with a fine finish, and you just have to arrange the furniture. "Intergal-Bud" has already taken care of the rest!

*From the 19-th of July, 2016, the cost of finishing works in the apartments of the residential complex “Park Lakes”, “Yaskravy”, “Nyvky-Park”, “Ozerny Hai Gatne”, “Vіdradny”, “Traditsia” is $80/ sq. m in hryvnia equivalent at the average selling rate of the US dollar on the interbank market (FinBiz) on the date preceding the date of the invoice.