The Auditor of Newly-Built Buildings named Malachite and Teremky to be the best Housing Complexes in Kyiv

  • 06/06/2019

According to the results of the 13th Independent and Non-Profit Investigation by the Auditor of Newly-Built Buildings, Malachite and Teremky objects of Intergal-Bud developer were recognized as the best housing complexes of 2019.

127 housing complexes of the capital were inspected by the Auditor this time.

In the middle price segment Malachite HC won the Grand Prix of the competition and became the winner of 2019.

Teremky HC has won in the category "Convenience of life" in the low price category.

 According to the organizers, conducting an audit of the capital HCs, analysts of together with NAI Ukraine set themselves the task of providing the buyer with an objective and independent evaluation of objects in the primary real estate market, taking into account all the risks, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of each HC. Evaluation of newly-built buildings was carried out on the basis of a large number of criteria: technical, legal, infrastructure, social, environmental, etc.