Ranking of “MinFin”: Intergal-Bud is among the TOP 5 of the most efficient developer in the capital city

  • 02/04/2018

Construction Company Intergal-Bud is among the Top 5 of respectable on-line media “MinFin”. Business on-line resource ranks the developers under the number of parameters annually, the main of which is the number of erected buildings in the capital city.

Number of buildings erected and put into operation by the developers is established in accordance with the certificates or DABI (State architecture and construction inspection of Ukraine) declarations officially issued in 2017. Buildings, which have been put into operation but haven’t yet received certificates of DABI declarations, were not included in the ranking.

Totally “MinFin” have checked 87 developers and only 29 companies with ready objects put into operation have been included into ranking in the last year.

One of the indicators reflected in the estimation is the number of objects being under construction in the capital city as of the end of January 2018. Simultaneous construction works at 35 objects allowed Intergal-Bud to gain honorary second place, which fact reflects high performance of construction works and capacity of the developer to pursue high-scale construction in 2018.

At the same time the Company took third place for the scale of construction in the last year and fourth place for the number of received certificates among all the developers of the capital city.

“Ranking results are objective and impartial, - says Anna Layevska, Commercial director of Intergal-Bud. – “All the developers had equal rights, and only the number of official certificates allowed to identify the winners. Compared to 2016, we have significantly improved our results, while current dynamics of construction indicates a stable development of the company. We are grateful to our buyers who choose their homes in our complexes, since it is their trust that allows us to hold our leading positions and move forward steadily.”