SKY AVENUE - a complex with innovations for modern people

  • 16/04/2020

Customers who have already been consulted in the multifunctional SKY AVENUE complex know that they pay great attention to innovations and modern technologies. So, this particular complex will be the first in which Intergal-Bud will install an AJAX smart home system in each apartment. The equipment from the developer provides a standard set of alarm systems, temperature regulators in each room and kitchen, an anti-flood system with an anti-flood sensor in each wet zone and a radio relay for blocking the servo in the engineering niche.

Recently, the SKY AVENUE team announced new technological “chips”.

1. Opening the front door will be carried out using the phone through a special mobile application. This option assumes, of course, the guest “pass” - opening the door using the guest link, which will be sent by the owner of the apartment through any messenger.
2. At the entrance to the sections and to the courtyard, an access control system and IP video intercom with the ability to install response panels in the apartment will be installed. Intercom will be carried out through a mobile application. Thus, the local area is always under control, no matter where in the world the landlord is.
3. Video surveillance will be carried out at the entrance to the residential sections, the elevator hall of the first floor, to the territory and to the parking, with the ability to view the video archive through a mobile application. The possibility of additional installation of cameras on the floors is also provided.
4. We made sure that our residents can connect a powerful Gigabit Internet! To do this, lay the fiber for connecting to the Internet.

SKY AVENUE is a complex where everything is done for the convenience of modern, fashionable, technological people.