Sweet and family celebration in RC Ozerny Gai Gatne" succeeded!

  • 17/08/2020

On August 16, Intergal-Bud organized a thematic family holiday for residents and guests of the Ozerny Gai Gatne residential complex. Master classes and a variety of competitions for young and old, for boys and girls, for smart, restless, etc. gave absolutely everyone a sweet taste of victory in the form of honey delicacies. The children were delighted with the opportunity not only to eat delicious food, but also to win treats, demonstrating their super-abilities.

We thank the residents of Ozerny Gai Gatne  for the emotions - you are friendly, cool and, indeed, deserve the title of good neighbor complex №1!

Come to  Ozerny Gai Gatne and you will see for yourself!