Sleeping districts of ​​Kyiv City or its suburb: where to buy an apartment

  • 25/02/2019

The cost of square meters in the residential areas of Kiev and new buildings of the suburb is almost equal. But the trend of recent months shows that the demand for apartments in the satellite cities of the capital has begun fading.

Why is the interest in real estate in the suburbs of Kiev is falling, how had a buyer`s portrait changed and what investors are paying attention to, tells Anna Laevskaya, the Commercial Director of "Intergal-Bud" building company.

The question of what is best - to buy an apartment in the suburbs or in the sleeping districts of ​​Kiev, confuses many buyers. More often, this choice arises when it is necessary to improve living conditions, but there is not enough money for an apartment in the capital. However, there are buyers who are consciously looking for housing in the suburbs, because they want to live in silence, away from the center. Investment in housing to save funds also remains relevant.

In recent months, demand for apartments in the suburbs has fallen.

And there are a number of objective reasons for this:

- prices for apartments in new buildings of suburbs are almost equal to the cost of a meter in some residential areas of the capital;

- increased density of high-rise buildings;

- houses and entire neighborhoods are built without infrastructure and proper communications;

- significantly increased transportation costs;

- increased load on existing transport interchanges;

- problems with communications and social infrastructure were aggravated.

Portrait of a buyer of real estate in Kiev and in the suburbs: what is the difference

The analytical department of our company has found that the minimum amount with which potential buyers come to sales departments is about $10-15 thousand. This is enough for a down payment for an apartment both in the Kiev region and in the residential areas of the city.

Over the past few months, we have seen a change in the portrait of buyers of new buildings in the satellite cities of Kiev. Now it is mostly young families with children or older people who are moving to live outside the city. Preference is given to low-rise buildings, townhouses and duplexes. Buyers choose furnished gated complexes with low building density, large territory and developed infrastructure. Attention is also paid to the transport links, especially the accessibility of public transport.

As for the buyers of apartments in new buildings in the sleeping areas of the capital, these are mainly local residents who are striving to improve their living conditions. As well as people who buy apartments for the purpose of investment and preservation of their own savings, and those who plan to rent housing in the future.

Forecasts for the spring

On March-April, the demand for housing in the suburbs has traditionally increased insignificantly. This is a seasonal phenomenon, which does not affect the cost of apartments in new buildings, but slightly activates sales. As for the demand for apartments in “sleeping bags”, buyers will prefer those residential complexes that have a metro station, shopping and entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens, etc within walking distance.

Investors are now paying particular attention to the architecture and design of entrance groups of houses. It is important that the lobby of the complex is stylish and presentable, and the house territory has a sufficient number of recreation areas, children's and sports grounds.


Tells Anna Laevskaya, the Commercial Director of "Intergal-Bud"