Start of sales in building no. 9 at Ozernyi Hai Gatne

  • 04/09/2018

The sales of apartments in 6-section building No. 9 of 6, 8 and 10 stories at the complex Ozernyi Hai Gatne situated in the cosy suburb of Kyiv on September the 3d . The start price for flats– from 15,780 UAH/m2. First buyers will receive the discount of up to 10% (subject to 100% advanced payment). Unique instalment conditions for 5 years with the down payment of 20% and more are available too. 
The building features functional and convenient layouts. We also offer our buyers perfect two-level apartments with attics, where everything is considered to detail. Buyers have an opportunity to purchase turn-key apartments as an option. 
New building is designed for 202 flats: 
· 1-room, area from 37.22 m2. 
· 2- room, area from 62,30 m2. 
· 3- room, area from 92,34 m2. 

Two-level apartments: 
· 3- room, area from 81,65 m2. 
· 4- room, area from 113,37 m2. 
· 5- room, area from 112,90 m2. 
· 6- room, area from 150,33 m2. 
Additionally, our buyers will be able to purchase small storage premises  
First floor will accommodate commercial premises. Completion of construction is scheduled in IV quarter 2019. 
The concept city-within the city will be realized at RC Ozernyi Hai Gatne. The developer envisaged the creation of complete infrastructure in the territory of the residential complex with own lakes and sun-bathing areas.