Start sale of apartments in the houseNo. 5 of the "Nyvky-Park" RC

  • 15/11/2017

"Intergal-Bud" company  reports that on November 15, 2017 started selling apartments in the house number 5 of the residential complex "Nivki-Park". Apartments comfort class from 800 000 UAH.

A nice gift - 5% discount, subject to full payment.

House number 5 is designed for 269 apartments, including 1-room - 127 apartments, ranging from 37 to 50.36 square meters. m, 2-room - 98 apartments, ranging from 63 to 74 square meters. m, 3-room - 35 apartments, ranging from 83 square meters. mIn addition, the complex has a wide range of multi-room apartments: six 4-room apartments and three 5-room apartments of 72 sq. m. up to 125 sq.m.

There are also two-level apartments ranging from 70.15 sq.m. to 131.24 sq.m.

Completion is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. 5% discount on full payment.