Market Launch of Akadem-Kvartal RC`s 3rd Building

  • 18/06/2019

Intergal-Bud starts selling apartments in the building No. 3 of RC Akadem-Kvartal. The Comfort Class House is located 3 minutes from Akademmistechko metro station near Akademica Palladina Avenue.

The new building will have 207 apartments: 115 one-bedroom and 92 two-bedroom.

On the first floors of Akadem-Kvartal there will be Commercial premises. In particular: cafes, grocery stores, clinics and other social infrastructure. A kindergarten is planned to be opened for small residents of the complex.

In the inner yard there will be recreation areas, play and sports grounds, street workout and more. The territory of the complex is closed, so staying and living here will be comfortable and safe.

In the course of the construction of the project, Intergal-Bud also plans to improve the adjacent territory to the site of the housing complex.

Call the sales department right now for detailed information, to choose your planning and to clarify all the terms of your purchase: Pryladnyi street, 10.

(044) 232-91-37