Art Deco Style in interiors decoration of RC Volodymyrskyi

  • 20/04/2018

Art Deco interior decoration could be equated with several epithets: pompous, exclusive, bright, contrasting.
One thing is true – it embodies sophisticated style and good taste, so it is suitable for people who are influential, wealthy, who prefer luxury, glamour and show of wealth.
It reached the peak of rapid popularity in Europe and America in the 20-30 years of the last century after the end of the First World War.
Art Deco style in interiors is full of effective combinations, luxury materials, and sophisticated treatment techniques.

Main features of the style

The name of the style derives from the fair which has been held in France in 1925. The achievements of decorative arts of that period were presented there. An image of the Sun being the symbol of the event has started to use in the form of products, while golden coloring has passed on interior elements.
General impression conveyed by watching the premises decorated in this style is an unrestrained luxury! As a rule, it features massive furniture, elite elements, and expensive textile. At the same tile the interior is characterized by functional design and usability of its elements.
Decoration elements often include geometrical ornament in the shape of stripes, squares and chevrons and are repeated in various components of the interior: wall paper, shades, furniture covers, and parquet patterns on the floor.
It takes a lot of money to purchase high-quality materials and arrange high-quality interior decoration works so that the premises would fit the desired style.

Decoration of the living room

Considering the living room as a place for meetings and welcoming visitors, it should correspond to high status of its owners. Art Deco style is an ideal choice for its decoration.
Ii is hard to imagine cotton or linen curtains in the interior of the living room, instead it will perfectly fit with heavy curtains made of brocade, velvet, satin, with similar or identical patterns repeated on furniture covers. Shades should be light to fit the color of walls, or contrast: dark-blue, violate, burgundy.
Oriental motives can be used in the lines of shapes and patterns. Only refined wooden furniture, often in dark-brown, burgundy and black colors, in contrast to the shade of walls and curtains are used.
Accessories are the statuettes made of bronze, glass elements with hand-made printed, engraved or etched images. Windows should be enormous, from ceiling down to the floor so that the rooms would be filled with light.
Business-class residential complex Volodymyrskyi being erected in the center of Kyiv has been designed to become the decent setting for each apartment in Art Deco style.