Regarding the procedure for signing the main sales contracts

  • 30/11/2015

"FIRM DIBROVA" LLC informs potential buyers of apartments in the house at the address: Kiev, Demeevskaya St., 14B on the signing of the Basic Purchase and Sale Agreements and on the measures taken for registration of the title to real estate.

At present "FIRMA DIBROVA"  LLC is in the process of crediting external engineering networks against the amount of the Company's contribution.

Within 3 (three) weeks after receiving from the Department of Economics and Investments of the Kyiv City State Administration a certificate of payment for share participation, which is provided immediately after the decision of the commission of the Kyiv City Council on budget and socio-economic development to credit external engineering networks for the amount of share contribution, the company will receive the mailing address of the residential building and begin the procedure for registering the primary ownership of apartments.

In connection with this, the terms of signing the Main Purchase Agreements for apartments may change, therefore "FIRMA DIBROVA" LLC invites everyone to sign, at our expense, Agreements on amending the Preliminary Purchase Agreements of apartments in terms of changing the term for signing the Basic Agreements.

We assure you that the Company makes all the necessary and possible efforts to speed up the registration of the primary ownership of apartments, and we guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations assumed under the Preliminary Agreements in full.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!