Modern design approaches for residential complexes

  • 26/09/2016

Any city is a living thing – it constantly develops and changes adjusting itself to certain human needs. That is why its architectural appearance may not be static; modern technologies and know-hows dictate the emergence of new styles and trends. Those days of modern and classic styles are gone, and they were replaced by the spirit of deconstructive commitment with its irregular shapes and plenty of glass surfaces.

More and more expressive and bright architectural objects appear in the capital city. People are tired to live inside concrete grey “boxes” that is why they pay attention to both quality features and parameters and appearance of new builds while seeking their new dwelling. Therefore, the architects are trying to create the objects, which would be somewhat distinct from everything being offered on the market.

New approach of the architects envisages an organic allocation of the building within existing urban environment. This concerns both historical center and so called “dormitory areas”. Recently, the architects have started to create projects to be realized in compliance with the principles of area development – with quality developed green zone, courtyards free of cars and all the conveniences easily assessable  by the residents.

As the experience of Intergal-Bud shows, the approach to complex development has changed significantly. Today nobody builds the free-standing buildings, since residential complexes are inconceivable without recreation zones, children and sports grounds, various elements of attraction – be it sculptures of fountains. Spirit of the time dictates the postulate that the comfort is an integral feature of both the apartment and adjoining area. This surely positively affects the appearance of the city.

The floor area of apartments has changed too – it decrease by 10% to 15% compared to pre crises figures. Lay outs of apartments became more convenient and ergonomic. Long-lasting economic slump and permanent raise of communal tariffs make the architects to review their design approaches.

Architecture, as any other field of activity must comply with new demands of the cities and their inhabitants, because this is the only way to execute its inherent function – to be the environment for comfort living. 


Anna Rybchuk, Chief Architect of Intergal-Bud