TRADE-IN: the program of exchanging an old apartment for a new one from the "Intergal-Bud" company

  • 16/05/2018

If you own an apartment, and want to purchase a new one, the Trade-in program from Intergal-Bud is at your service.

The developer will help sell your old property by booking a new apartment in one of its residential complexes. After the sale of an old apartment, the proceeds will be taken into account in the purchase of a new one.

This service gives you the opportunity to improve the living conditions and at the same time not to be engaged in independently selling old housing.

The advantages of the trade-in program in comparison with the independent sale of an old apartment are the following:

- You will not miss the new apartment in the residential complex you like, because it will be booked for you.

- You will fix the price of a new apartment before the sale of the old one.

- Your old apartment will be offered for sale at a price agreed with you.All the necessary activities for the sale of apartments the company takes over.

- Prepayment on the program Trade-in counted in the total cost of the apartment

Owners of apartments in Kiev and the suburbs can take part in the exchange program of strictly housing for the new.In fact, Intergal-Bud assumes the functions of a real estate agency, providing a specialist who evaluates your housing, advertises about it, negotiates, escorts a deal and successfully sells it at a price agreed with you.

The buyer of an apartment using this program saves time and money, while receiving the opportunity to become the owner of a new home.The Trade-in program will be of interest primarily to owners of apartments of obsolete housing stock, since every year the cost of such square meters is significantly reduced.This program is also beneficial for those who wish to make the most profitable investment in new housing. You can invest the proceeds from the sale of an old apartment at an early stage of construction of a new building. It is no secret that the price of new square meters under construction is growing along with the house.

It is now easy and fast to change old housing with new one with the leader of the construction market, the Intergal-Bud company.

Step-by-step implementation of the Trade-in program:

1. You choose an apartment in a new residential complex of the company Intergal-Bud.

2. You conclude with the company a contract for booking a new apartment for a period of 1.5 months and make a deposit in the amount of 10 thousand UAH.

3. Conclude a contract with a broker, according to which a real estate specialist: evaluates your old apartment, is searching for the buyer of this property, advertising and promoting it, accompanies the sale of your old apartment.

4. After the sale of an old apartment, the security deposit is returned to you, and you invest funds from the sold housing in the purchase of a reserved apartment with specified deadlines for the payment of the remaining amount.

For more information, you can contact the Central Sales Department: Kiev, st. A. Barbusse, 28B. tel. +38 044 220 01 11