Prices for Newly-Built Buildings in Kyiv are Rising

  • 12/06/2019

Commercial director of Intergal-Bud Anna Laievska told  in the comments to KievVlast what will happen to housing prices.

In the next three months, prices on the primary housing market in Kyiv will remain dynamic. The cost per square meter of the newly-built buildings will increase by an average of 5-7% by the autumn. First of all, the increase in prices will affect the objects with a high degree of readiness. Also, the cost of newly-built buildings will be affected by the dollar exchange rate and the entry into force of the new building specifications.

In addition, it should be understood that the number of free plots for construction in Kyiv is steadily declining. It is impossible to overbuild, so the developers have the only option to reconstruct old quarters and industrial zones. But it requires additional investments and time from construction companies, which will affect the cost per square meter for the buyer.

As for the newly-built buildings in Kyiv region,  the price increase is constrained by a large supply and low demand compared to the one in the capital. To attract buyers, local developers are forced to reduce the profitability of their projects and often their quality. And if companies build facilities solely at the expense of raised funds from sales, then such investments can become very risky. Itergal-Bud finances the construction of facilities at its own expense, and therefore, for 16 years of its existence, we have never let down our buyers.

In Kyiv region, there is a demand primarily for those housing complexes that provide customers with developed infrastructure. Thus, in Ozernyi Hai Hatne housing complex the developer provided all the conditions for a comfortable life: kindergartens, schools, a fitness center, a supermarket, sports and children's playgrounds, pharmacies, beauty salons and other social facilities. The main highlight of the complex is its own lakes with swans and equipped beaches.