In a new residential complex «AKADEM-KVARTAL» by Intergal-Bud 5 floors have already been built!

  • 04/10/2018

We are happy to share with you the latest news of 1 queue of new residential complex «AKADEM-KVARTAL» development, which started on 15th September. The first queue will consist of three 24-storey houses with spacious landscaped territory and nice square.

Complex development is extremely fast! For now, in houses #1 and #2 are built basement and 5 residential floors, now work on the arrangement of vertical elements of the 6th floor is in progress. The completion of first two houses is planned be 4th quarter 2019.

Residential complex «AKADEM-KVARTAL» is located successfully on the quiet street in 3 minutes from subway «Akademmistechko» and in 10 minutes by car from the biggest shopping and entertainment complex – Lavina Mall.

Complex territory will transform into a neighborhood of your comfort with play and sport grounds, workout-zone for outdoor sports, alleys for strolls and cozy public garden, separate parking building, in the 2nd queue a kindergarten is going to be built. On the first floors of the houses will be shops, cafes, centers for kids – and all you need for comfortable living will be at the distance of the "elongated hand".

We remind you that at the initial stage of construction you have an opportunity to buy an apartment in residential complex «AKADEM-KVARTAL» at the most beneficial terms and conditions: with 10% discount in case of full payment and by installment plan up to 5 years.

Don’t waste your time, call sales department and get details, choose the best layout and terms of purchase: (044) 391-01 00,