Building no.1 at RC Lebedinyi has open the turn-key offer for apartments with decoration by Intergal-Bud

  • 11/09/2018

Now the buyers of apartments at RC Lebedinyi (building No.1) by Intergal-Bud have an opportunity to order the turn-key decoration by the developer.
The Company assumes all the troubles related to decoration of your new home. Moving to your new dwelling will be as easy and convenient as possible.

Turn-key apartments are a qualitative result of work of our specialists, who duly accomplish their duties. The company sully controls the quality of materials, applies advanced technologies to make your dream come true. All you need is to choose among one of the offered design options.

Decoration from Intergal-Bud will significantly save both your time and energy and your financial savings.
Choose a turn-key option and your flat will be ready by the date of commissioning the building.
We recall that unique offer for up to 18% off is valid till the end of September.