In RC Malachite the First section of the Fourth Building was Taken into Use

  • 31/07/2019

We are pleased to share with you the news on the construction of our comfort class housing complex and are eager to inform you that in RC Malachite the 1st section of the 4th house was taken into use.

The State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine issued a certificate which certifies that the completed construction of the building complies with the design documentation and its readiness for operation.

Soon the residents will move in and start finishing and furnishing of their apartments. The apartment owners will be able to receive the keys to the apartments and celebrate housewarming.

RC Malachite was developed by Archimatyka architectural bureau and became the laureate of many awards, both Ukrainian and international. We have thought through the entire infrastructure to the smallest detail: there is a large underground parking, children's and sports grounds, a promenade alley, which harmoniously fits into the landscape design of the complex. All lobbies are made in modern eco and loft styles: natural wood, moss and metal panels. Also in the lobbies special attention was paid to the backlight, which is at different levels and creates an atmosphere of weightlessness and spaciousness.

Intergal-Bud wholeheartedly congratulates all apartment owners!