Construction works at five sections of the building No. 4 in RC MALAKHIT have been completed

  • 20/12/2018

We are happy to inform that construction works at five sections of the building No. 4 have been completed.

Happy buyers began to accept their apartments. Soon the settlement will begin and the long-awaited arrangement of their dwellings.

The residential complex "Malakhit" was developed by the architectural bureau "Archimatika" and became the winner of many awards, both Ukrainian and international. We have thought through the entire infrastructure to the minor detail: a large underground parking place, children's and sports grounds, promenade alley, which harmoniously fits into the landscape design of the complex.

 The unique concept and versatility of the residential complex will be an ideal variant for young and ambitious people. Entrance groups are equipped with ramps for strollers and people with disabilities. Informational light-boxes with numbering of apartments for the convenience of residents are installed at the entrance to each section..

Presentable lobbies are designed in a modern style that combines eco and loft styles: designed with elements of natural wood, moss and metal panels. Also in the lobbies We also paid special attention to the backlight of the lobbies, which is at different levels, and creates an atmosphere of weightlessness and spaciousness.

The complex features secured territory and own kindergarten.

RC "Malakhit" means modern solutions for comfortable life!