In the residential complex "Lake Guy Gatne" was held an unforgettable Feast of Jordan with "Intergal-Bud" company

  • 21/01/2019

On 19-th of January,  at one of the most important holidays for Ukrainians, that is the Feast of Jordan, residents of the complex «Lake Gai Gatne» has spent in a colorful atmosphere together with «Intergal-Bud» company.

From the ancient times on the Feast of Jordan there was a custom to dip into the hole in order to gain strength, health and energy for the whole new year. According to beliefs, on this day all the water acquires healing properties.

The picturesque territory of the cozy suburban residential complex «Lake Guy Gatne» with clean lakes has become an ideal place for an unforgettable celebration of Jordan. The brave people who deeped in the ice-hole encouraged the anchor, dressed as a traditional cossack, and the colorful Solokha, treated guests with a warming compliment.

The Father Nazariy from the church in the Gatne village has sancrified the lake water on the territory of the residential complex «Lake Guy Gatne». Among the people who were deeping in the ice-hole, were men, women, a large number of youth.

Hot tea, coffee, chocolate, aromatic non-alcoholic mulled wine, as well as hearty treats has helped the visitors to warm up on a frosty day. The guests were entertained by contests and lively folk music. Children also did not have to be bored - they were amused by a group of animators in the images of funny snowmen and other winter characters.

For the safety of all those present during the event, an ambulance team and rescuers were on duty on the territory.

«Intergal-Bud» thanks the guests for creating a festive friendly atmosphere of Jordan!