Start of sales for underground parking lots!

  • 21/05/2018

Additionally to comfort and innovations all the residents of RC Tradytsyya can assess another advantage of internal infrastructure – underground parking lots.

Premises with floor area of 2,303.47 m2, will be equipped with advanced video surveillance system and 24/7 security service and charging system for electric-driven carts.
Parking area includes 93 spaces inclusive those for drivers with limited capacities, spaces for small cars, motorbikes and e-cars.

Here, inside modern, warm premises of the building your car will be always nearby, easy assessable and under optimum storage condition. RC Tradytsiya is always a wholesome well-being. The place where comfort and coziness are thoroughly developed in every detail.

Please note that you can purchase the parking by installments. The most attractive terms of installment program are designed to surprise your wallet with an affordable down payment and affordable payment options by installments.