The SKY AVENUE residential complex has a new website

  • 23/11/2020

Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that the site of the SKY AVENUE residential complex has been completely updated the other day. It has become more convenient, brighter, and more informative, and its main highlight can rightly be considered a 3D service with a convenient selection system of apartments «SKY APARTMENT». Innovative service, created on the basis of high-speed 3D-technologies, is available on other sites of residential complexes: NYVKY-PARK, CITY HUB, OZERNYI HAI HATNE.

With the help of 3D-service of selection of apartments «SKY APARTMENT» the buyer can:

• Get the maximum visual idea of ​​the architectural features of the project. Visitors to the site of the complex can easily visualize the project, determining its location in space;
• Take advantage of convenient search, filtering and selection of optimal options for apartments. Having set all the necessary parameters for the search — status, area, location — the potential buyer will get exactly to the point, saving the time he could spend on self-elimination of unnecessary options;
• Compare the selected options for apartments according to certain set parameters and share with all participants in the process online, which will greatly simplify the choice;
• Get the most up-to-date information, because the system is synchronized with the internal database «Intergal-Bud».

It will be recalled that the project was implemented on the basis of FLAT.SHOW technology. The module demonstrates fast operation, adapts to different devices and easily integrates with existing sites, which allows rapid scaling of technology within the company.