Unique opportunity for purchasing business-class housing in the center of the capital city

  • 03/10/2018

“Intergal-Bud ranking the top-3 of construction companies of Ukraine offers advantageous installment conditions for the apartments in its elegant business-class residential complex Volodymyrskyi.
The developer provides interest-free installment program for 12 months. Currently this is the best offer on the housing market from the leading developer.

Metropolitan project Volodymyrskyi is in the active stage of construction today. 21st floor is about to be completed. This business-class residential complex is situated in the business center of Kyiv in Antanovycha street, nearby the National Art Palace Ukraine and NCC Olimpiyskyi. The complex is surrounded by the complete municipal infrastructure: supermarkets, restaurants, leading TECs, brand shops, art centers, schools, private kindergartens and higher education facilities.
Luxury building in art-deco style with its elegant architectural solutions will certainly become the jewelry of the district. Here everything was considered to detail for those who is able to value both the status and prestige, comfort and convenience in the life of modern families and active businessmen.

Special stress was made on the high level of comfort in the complex.

The building will be equipped with the smart-house system, the standard specification of which will include:

- network of intellectual intercoms;
- outdoor video surveillance;
- billing for energy resources;
- fire safety and fighting system;
- access control.

Luxury and expensive materials are applied for finish decoration of the residential complex along with advanced technologies and high level of functionality.
Lobby of the complex will be decorated with the natural quartzite panel Fusion Top. The color of natural stone recalls the illusion of deep Blue Ocean. Blue, green, grey, brown, beige, golden is the color natural pallet on the surface the stone. Rare natural quartzite Fusion Top is quarried only in the territory of Brazil. Façade of the building will be finished with the natural granite with decorative elements.

RC Volodymyrskyi features thoroughly thought-out layouts of apartments, panoramic view windows with bronze frames, luxury views of the center of the city from private terraces, two-level apartments and dressing rooms.

Demonstration floor is already available in the complex and soon the show-room will be open.

For details please contact our central sales department: 044 220 10 22