Grand Opening of the Promenade Alley in RC Malachite

  • 01/08/2019

Collaboration of architecture and high fashion

On August 14, a fashion show of famous Ukrainian designers will take place in one of the best residential complexes of the capital, in honor of the grand opening of the promenade alley in RC Malachite. The whole territory of the complex will become a fashion performance, and the new promenade will become the main podium and the main highlight of the evening.

Fashion and architecture do much the same - they create an environment for people in which they feel comfortable. Clothing, like architecture, can affect a person's psychological state, for example, it can provide a sense of security, comfort and calmness.

Today, fashion and urban environment continue to converge. Architecture rethinks relationships with the environment. The ever-growing eco-friendly trend is that architects are trying not to fight the environment, but organically fit new projects into the surrounding landscape. This eco-trend has gone beyond concepts and is being actively implemented in all RC of Intergal-Bud.

We decided to combine fashion and architecture and run a fashion show of Ukrainian brands IDoL, designer Serzh Smolin and brand Andi, designer Anna Yudaieva on the territory of the complex in the open air. The models will walk along the pavement of the alley, emphasizing the closeness of fashion and architecture.

The new promenade in RC Malachite will become a favorite place for walks of the residents. Design landscaping, a cascade fountain, seating areas, promenades, playgrounds and sports grounds were made here. This place is perfect for starting your day with a cup of coffee and for an evening stroll with family or friends.

On August 14, we are pleased to invite not only the buyers, but also their friends and anyone who is thinking about buying their own apartment to attend the grand opening of the promenade in RC Malachite.

The event will take place on the territory of the complex. For all the visitors, Intergal-Bud has prepared an entertainment program:

- a fashion show from famous Ukrainian designers,

- drawing of designer jewelry,

- contemporary music from a famous DJ,

- a thematic photo zone near the main highlight of the complex, the Malachite Cascade Fountain,

- light show,

- lounge area for relaxation with children,

- and of course delicious drinks and sweets,

Come, it will be fun and interactive.

Integral-Bud follows the global trends and bravely implements them in Ukraine. In the dense urban redevelopment RC Malachite is a place for real relaxation!

Unique features of RC Malachite make it attractive and comfortable for living: convenient location in the center of the capital, relaxation on the roof, the green promenade alley, underground parking, facilities, own kindergarten, closed territory!