Resident Safety Above All - We are installing the latest Errai CCTV system

  • 14/11/2019

Security concerns are a concern for us all. This is especially true for the safety of children when they play alone in the yard or return from school. Of course, you want to control the situation with the car in the yard or with the courier who brought the order. There are many such examples. You know?
Intergal-Bud took care of this and started a fruitful cooperation with one of the leaders of the market of CCTV by Errai. The latest 24/7 video surveillance system at your service!
How does it work? There are cameras installed throughout the apartment complex and each resident of the house has access to them in real time or in an archive of records. You can check the situation at any time directly from your mobile phone using the web version or the downloaded application.
Currently, Nyvky-Park residential complex (houses №1, №2, №3, №4) and Yaskravyi residential complex (houses №6 and №7) are connected to the system. Moreover, at Nivki Park the system works in test drive mode until December 1, that is for you for free. In the Yaskravyi , which has 43 cameras installed, there is a special discounted price.
Let's tell everything and show it!
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