Planting of family trees and chestnut alley took place in the residential complex «Ozernyi Hai Hatne»

  • 20/10/2020

On October 18, an ecological action with tree planting took place on the territory of one of the most picturesque residential complexes in the suburb of «Ozernyi Hai Hatne». The event was organized by the developer «Intergal-Bud», and its participants and guests were residents of the complex with their families.

The main idea of ​​the event is to plant new young trees on the territory of the complex: a chestnut alley near the lake and family trees (fruit and decorative), which the residents of the complex wished to purchase and plant.

More than 30 families responded to the announced collection of applications for participation in the planting of family trees! Among the trees they planted were both classic fruit species and rare decorative ones, such as sycamore, catalpa, tulip tree, and sakura. Maples, spruces, oaks, lilacs, etc. were also planted. In addition, each such tree was decorated with a special nameplate, which the family could sign or draw with their own hands.

The youngest participants of the event were not left without gifts and entertainment. For participating in the action, the kids were treated to delicious honey-ginger cookies and cocoa, and their favorite cartoon characters played fun games with them.

We thank the residents of the complex for their initiative and activity! Together we will make our «Ozernyi Hai Hatne» even more cozy and green.