White box apartments renovation - Intergal-Bud basic offer

  • 20/11/2019

At a time when some market participants are just beginning to offer as a separate service pre-repair preparation of apartments in the style of White box, buyers of Intergal-Bud have been receiving it for many years with each apartment!

We were the first developer to offer this format as a base offer, and thousands of Ukrainian families have already received it! As before, pre-repair service is available to all clients of the company!

If you decide to take care of your own home remodeling and decorating, we prepare this "blank sheet" for free so that the preparatory moments do not interfere with your creativity!

When settling into their apartments, our residents immediately embark on the most pleasant thing - design, wallpaper, flooring, furniture and décor. We have already done rough work in all projects of "Intergal-Bud" for you!

We always assume:

• Erection of interior partitions

• Gypsum wall plaster

• Laying of electrical and low-current domestic cable

• Assembly and installation of an interior apartment panel

• Installation of floor screed, the quality of which is controlled by the laser level

• Piping of hot and cold water systems

• Sewer pipes

The white box from Intergal-Bud not only saves time and money.

An additional advantage is the absence of unnecessary construction noise and dirt in the house from the beginning of the settlement.

Done! Decorate your space to your liking and celebrate the housewarming!