How new rules of DBN will change the rules of the game in the construction market

  • 26/04/2019

The construction industry began to live in a “new way” in September last year. At that time, new standards for DBN B.2.2-12: 2018 "Planning and development of territories" came into force, which, among other things, limited the height and density of construction of sections of the capital. How KV will affect the construction of new high-rise buildings in the center of Kiev has been recognized by leading developers and experts.

Despite attempts to block new regulations and a series of mutual lawsuits, the Ministry of Regional Development considers the new DBN to be valid.

KV interviewed experts, how the introduction of new standards affects the housing market, the construction of the center of Kiev, where previously promising areas may be uninteresting for the construction of LCD?
Among the questions posed to developers and architects are also: how companies will revise the economics of projects and how, in the end, all this will affect the market of new buildings, prices and potential buyers.

Anna Laevskа, Commercial Director of Integral-Bud commented on the situation in the following way:

With the adoption of new state building standards, the number of housing under construction in Kiev, especially in the central areas of the capital, will decrease. The density and number of floors of the building will be reduced. This means that the supply on the market will be less. Some developers will be forced to change the concept of objects by reducing the number of square meters, which will affect their price for the buyer. The cost of new buildings by the end of the year in Kiev will grow by 5-10%.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that new standards primarily affect those developers who, in pursuit of profit, are not able to offer accommodation facilities and a comfortable infrastructure.

At the design stage of residential complexes, the Integral-Bud company provides for its future residents green areas, children's and sports grounds, as well as parking lots, kindergartens and other necessary social facilities.

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