How to buy an apartment in a new building, if there is no money for the down payment

  • 07/09/2017

"In this complex of the Intergal-Bud company in Gatne Village, 'Ozenby hai Gante" RC, there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment with a down payment of 5%. The program is designed for 10 years. All payments are made in national currency monthly or quarterly in equal installments. In case of early repayment, no penalties are applied.

According to the calculations of the sales department, when buying the smallest apartment in the RC area of ​​32.6 square meters. The initial installment will be from $ 1418 - it is in dollars that the amount of payments is calculated. Monthly payment in installments for 10 years will be in the range of $ 300. For accurate calculations you need to contact the sales department. There, depending on your advance amount, we are ready to consider different payment terms.

For example, the installment period can be 3, and 5, and 7 years. The term depends on the interest rate on installments.Similar conditions apply in and in the residential complex "Teremki" - there is a minimum down payment of 10%, and the installment period is 5 years. In the residential complex "Otradny" in houses number 1 and number 2 you need to pay 5% of the cost of an apartment and pay 5 years in equal installments. In the residential complex “Nyvky-Park” the minimum first installment is the same as in the residential complex “Teremki” - 10%, while the installment period is reduced to 3 years. The price per square meter in the RC is significantly higher, it increases the monthly payment. "

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