What programs of payment by installments and loans developers use?

  • 03/03/2017

His client, who, when buying a home, today resorts to mortgage lending or installment plans, is seen by construction companies as a confident person in his tomorrow, with an income slightly above average, who wants to get more choices accordingly.About what installments and loans and on what conditions the developers themselves offer such a client, StroyObzor found out in construction companies.

Intergal-Bud construction company together with the Globus Bank has developed and launched a special mortgage program since January 2017.

“The loan is provided for a period of up to 20 years in the amount of up to 1 million UAH. The interest rate ranges from 5.9% per annum, ”says Anna Laevskaya, Deputy Commercial Director at Intergal-Bud.Intergal-Bud offers a variety of installment programs both in newly built and finished houses.Installment for a period of up to 10 years is provided when buying an apartment in residential complexes of the Ozerny Guy Gatnoe residential complex and Yaskravy residential complex, up to five years in the Tradition LCD residential complex, and up to three years in such RCs as "Nyvky Park", "Teremki" , "Malachite", "Park Lakes", "Otradny".

In addition, there is an installment plan before the object is put into operation, as well as short-term programs - for 3–6 months without appreciation. The first installment is only 5%.“Installment is an excellent offer for those who do not have the full amount to buy an apartment, but do not want to postpone their dream of a new home for a long time,” says Anna Laevskaya.

To conclude an installment agreement with Intergal-Bud, you must provide a passport and an identification code. If an installment is made by a married couple, then you must additionally provide a marriage certificate, passport and spouse identification code.

“As a responsible developer, Intergal-Bud has developed a program of social guarantees for customers. For example, in the event of the death or disability of one of the breadwinners in a family with five or more minor children, we undertake to review the conditions of installments. This may be a reduction in the monthly or annual payment, a discount on the balance, or the cancellation of the balance due at the expense of the company, ” says Anna Laevskaya.

Source: https://stroyobzor.ua/news/kakie-rassrochki-i-kredity-ispolzuyut-zastroyshchiki.html