Quality housing is not cheap

  • 30/05/2019

Investments in square meters costing less than the market are fraught with the fact that the object has high chances to become unfinished or to remain for a long time without being connected to utility networks, or to be erected from low-quality building materials. Journalists considered the publication of "Business Capital". Anna Laevskaya, commercial director of Intergal-Bud commented on the situation with prices in the housing market.

The average cost per square meter of housing in the primary market of Kiev as of May 2019 is $ 860. The cost of housing depends on many indicators. First of all, it is the location, class of the object and infrastructure. No less important components are the building materials, of which the house is built and the equipment of the object (elevators, systems, "smart" house, etc.).

I also note that if the developer builds a residential complex on the principle of "city within a city", then the cost per square meter in such houses will be more expensive than in a separate object. In the residential complex "Syretsky Gardens", "Ozerny Guy Gatnoye", "Akadem-Kvartal", the developer "Intergal-Bud" plans to build all the necessary infrastructure in the territory of the complexes, which significantly increases their investment attractiveness.

In residential complexes of the company "Intergal-Bud" cost per square meter ranges from $ 604 to $ 1804 per square meter. So, in the residential complex "Lake Guy Gatnoe", which our company is building in the village Gatnoe, Kiev region, the cost per square meter starts from 14,500 UAH per square meter. m housing. And in Kiev LCD "Academ-Kvartal" prices from 15 500 per square. At the same time, an elite business class complex in the center of the capital, the Vladimirsky residential complex is sold at a price of 47,300 UAH per square meter.

Investments in real estate at the early stage of construction of the facility are the most profitable and bring the maximum profit to buyers. But investing "in the foundation" is possible only with reliable construction companies that have been tested for years of successful practice in the housing market. The Intergal-Bud company has been working on the market for 16 years, we put into operation almost 3 million square meters of housing and at the same time never violated our obligations.

When buying a home at the basement stage, an investor can earn from 25 to 30% or more. Analysts reckoned that for the year of construction of the facility a square meter of an apartment becomes more expensive by an average of $ 100-200. For example, a square meter in the residential complex "Malachite" at an early stage of construction cost about 800 y. e., and now apartments in this complex are sold for approximately 1200-1300 y. e. per square. m. Separately, I note that the new building with repair costs 20-25% more expensive than a similar project in the state "after the builders." At the same time, the cost of the square when investing in an apartment with repair from the company "Intergal-Bud" increases by only 2.5 thousand UAH per square meter.