The developer Intergal-Bud continues to build the high-scale residential complex in the suburb of the capital city

  • 05/10/2018

Residential complex Ozernyi Hai Gatne is erected under the ‘city-within-the city’ principle. 48 hectare territory will accommodate 47 buildings of 4 to 10 storeys. Thus the developer see the connection of the complex to engineering communications as its strategic priority, in particular, construction of own drainage network, water supply line, ensuring of uninterrupted supply of electric energy and natural gas.

Below is the information on the state of connection of the complex to engineering communications, sewerage system and water supply as of today:

Sewerage system

The new route for sewage line has been approved related to the necessity to agree the new point of connection.
Following the approval of the route an official tender procedure has been arranged for the contractors of works. Under the results of the tender the decision was adopted in respect of the selection of three parallel companies which would be dealing with the construction of the sewerage system. This will allow to speed-up the terms of construction.
This decision is based on the scale of the project as well the scope of the scheduled works.


The decision on laying the additional electric line from Chabany settlement was approved in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of the complex with electric energy.
For today the works related to installation of the additional line have been already completed.
Switchgear for connection of the complex to this line is in the final stage of construction. The works related to installation of the required equipment will be commenced still in this month. Completion of works is scheduled by the end of the year.

Drainage and waterproofing

Construction of the drainage system in building 1 is accomplished. The works related to restoration of the pavement and landscaping are ongoing.
Preparation of design documents and tendering for the construction of drainage and waterproofing for building 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been completed.
Accomplishing of construction works for the system of intake and removal of non-filtered and ground waters is scheduled for the end of the November.
Drainage system foe buildings 6, 9 and kindergarten has been completed too.

System of linear water disposal
Works on installation of the system of linear water disposal are ongoing in the territory of the complex. Installation of concrete trays with grids and terminal points for water disposal is at the final stage of construction.
This system will provide prompt and fast water disposal during waterfalls and melting of the snow. Following the completion of construction works restoration of the bank, landscaping and restoration of pavements will be accomplished.

Enhancement of the security system of the complex
The complex features the secured territory with access check-point. In the nearest future all the residents and owners of apartments will receive named passes in order to arrange the access of the transport and individual passage to the territory of the complex.
Passes have been produced and handed over to correspondent department of the company for the purpose of arranging the access system.

Construction company “Intergal-Bud” prides its reputation which is supported by 15-year experience and 70 accomplished projects. Residential complex Ozernyi Hai Gatne is one of the best most substantial residential complexes of the company. 48 hectare of the territory will accommodate 47 buildings with the total residential area of 410,000 m2. This is the most ambitious and complicated project related to global processes of financing, approval and construction. The company does its best so that the residents of the first commissioned buildings could enjoy the comfort at the initial stage of the project instead of waiting the accomplishing the infrastructure and completion of all the scheduled works.
The company will proceed informing you on the progress of construction and completion of works since the primary purpose of the developer is the maximum comfort of the residents .