We invite you to view the new showrooms in "Park Lakes" RC!

  • 05/11/2015

In "Park Lakes" RC we are ready to open the showrooms with a completely new repair design. On the 8-th of November, we invite everyone to view the demonstration apartments presented in the 10th building of the complex with full finishing repair.

We are in a hurry to share original ideas of complex repairs, made in accordance with the preferences of our customers. You will be able to appreciate our offer, as well as see with your own eyes the progress of the construction of the complex and see the development area. We promise a rational layout, new colors and interesting design solutions!

The fine finish repair was presented in the new showrooms and includes: installation of a metal front door with MDF-overlays like the natural wood, and stylish interior veneered doors, laminate flooring of the 32nd class, pasting walls with non-woven wallpaper for painting, laying of TM "Atem" TM on the floor and walls in the bathrooms, laying the tiles on the floor and the working surface in the kitchen, installing an acrylic bath, a set of sanitary equipment TM "Colombo" with mixers TM "Ferro", wiring electricity with installing electrical accessories, installing radiators electricity meters and water meters. The variety of kitchens with a Hansa stove and sink will delight customers.

Our managers will be happy to meet you, offer hot coffee and a warm welcome. You can register for a viewing and learn about the conditions for acquiring apartments by calling (044) 220‒01‒11.

Hurry up, the number of apartments with full repair is limited!