We welcome everyone for the viewing at RC Volodymyrskyi

  • 27/07/2018

Elegant and luxury business-class complex by Intergal-Bud is opening the demonstration floor.

The team of highly qualified specialists actively constructs the stylish project in the center of the capital city for highly ambitious people who value their time and are in favor of the advanced technologies and stability. Today the progress of development of the spectacular building in the center of Kyiv has reached the mark of the 17 floor. On the fifth floor there is a possibility to see non-standard spacious layouts with circular walls without finish decoration. Imagine yourself a designer and pick a look of probably your own apartment. Additionally, please evaluate panoramic windows with marvelous views of the megacity.

As the result you will be excited and never want to part with that elegance of slim forms.

Don’t hesitate to call to the manager in the central sales department and book the viewing right away: 044 392 45 18