Thanks to Intergal-Bud a unique recreation zone has been arranged in the territory of EEA

  • 16/07/2018

Construction company Intergal-Bud under the twinning project with the National complex “Exposition center of Ukraine has commenced realization of the large-scale project on the development of infrastructure for large recreation zone at EEA.

The project includes the arrangement of safe walk and bike ways, installation of street lights, creation of sport and children grounds, bright alley of fairytales and rock garden, summer houses, pergolas and benches. We have also cared about safety issues – video surveillance will be installed there.

«We proceed with development of Exposition Center in accordance with the concept of EEA development adopted last year for the period of next 40 years, thus transforming this magnificent place into the cultural and innovation center of Ukraine. And thanks to such partners as Intergal-Bud such development becomes realistic already today », - EEC Director General Yevhen Mushkin comments.
«Exposition Center of Ukraine» will provide technical support of the project, in particular, connection to electric mains and water supply network, as well as future maintenance of the entertainment zone. Financing of the development of park and forest area of 5 hectare will be conducted for the account of Intergal-Bud.

Residents of the new residential complex Terenky, which is being erected by the developer in the close vicinity of of EEC park and forest zone will have free access to ecologically clean entertainment area of 5 hectare and direct pass to Golosiivskyi wood and lake.

By today the scheduled works have been already commenced. In accordance with draft project walk ways are arranged and the territory is cleaned. In the words of А. Layevska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud, «this project will become a beautiful gift to the residents of RC Teremky and visitors of Exposition Center of Ukraine».